Rules of Good Conduct

1. Park your vehicle in the parking area and walk as much as possible in nature.

2. Do not leave your trail after your departure. Gather with care your garbage and leave it in the nearest garbage bin. It is important to keep the environment clean.

3. Remember that you are in the habitat of birds and other animals! Avoid loud music, voices, noise, and generally the nuisance. Nature plays its own unique music. Enjoy it.

4. The extraction of the bark of the trees, the obstruction of the bird nest and the cutting of the plants cause damage to the environment and are prohibited by forestry legislation.

5. Avoid cutting flowers and plants. Do not take with you plant seeds, small plants for transplanting into gardens, pots, etc. or animal species. Unknowingly you can destroy one of the rarely protected plants in the area. Prefer taking pictures from the collection of flowers, plants and animals. Do not destroy their ecosystems.

6. If you recognize a rare plant or animal species, please contact the Management Body.

7. Do not create fireplaces (do not fire and do not throw cigarettes) anywhere within the Protected Area. If you notice a fire, immediately notify the Fire Service or the nearest local authority.

8. Avoid using detergents (eg soap) or other chemicals polluting or threatening the sensitive ecosystems of the Protected Area when you are near springs, streams or rivers.

9. Have children always under your supervision to avoid accidents.

10. Driving motorcycles on trails is not allowed.

11. If you are a hunter, let us know that hunting is banned throughout the year and for all species in the National Park's cores. The other areas apply the general and special hunting regulations that you should know if you want to hunt.

12. Get information from the Management Body for additional restrictions and bans in the zones within the Cores of the National Park.

13. If you become aware of any illegal activity which harms the natural environment, please notify the competent authorities immediately: Chelmos - Vouraikos Management Body Tel. 2692029140, Forestry Authority of Kalavryta Tel. 2692022227, Fire Service Tel. 199.




1. to visit the Information Center of Chelmos - Vouraikos Management Body in Kalavryta, Agiou Alexiou 35, TK. 25001, Tel. 2692029140.

2. to browse the website and the social media of Chelmos - Vouraikos Management Body.

3. to use the region's information brochures and maps to find out about the outstanding cultural and ecological value and the natural richness of the Chelmos -Vouraikos National Park.