The Management Body of Chelmos-Vouraikos, with the presence of its representative, participated on Tuesday, 11th of May, in the meeting of the Coordination Local Body for Civil Protection of the Municipality of Kalavrita, occasioned by the start of the fireseason. During this important meeting, among other things discussed, also discussed the actions of fire prevention and fire protection that have been taken, the vegetation cleaning procedures, the reduction of risks and measures to avoid fire, the possibilities of cooperation of the involved authorities, etc.

According to what was said during this meeting of the Coordination Local Body for Civil Protection, and in the context of assisting of competent services (Fire Service, Forest Service, Police, Civil Protection of the Municipality, etc.), the Management Body of Chelmos-Vouraikos proceeded to reformulate its Guarding Plan, which is now applied in the afternoon, but also on weekends / holidays.

For this reason and in the context of prevention actions, an official vehicle with the presence of a Forest Protection Specialist of the Management Body was located in various locations along the gorge, during the 41st Passing of Vouraikos Gorge, that took place on Sunday 6th of June 2021, in order to avoid harmful actions and protect the environment.


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