The Management Body of Chelmos-Vouraikos, within the framework of its responsibilities regarding the construction and maintenance of hiking trails and in accordance with the current legislation, carried out cleaning and signage of the existing forest path from the location "Agios Nikolaos "in the area of Lousoi to the place “Agios Ioannis Theologos ”in the Aesthetic Forest of Kalavryta.

The works took place on Tuesday, 18th of May 2021, with the assistance of Mr. Spyros Soulis and provided:

  • the construction of stairs at the entrance of the path near provincial road Kalavrita - Klitoria (Lousοι) due to the rocky surfaces and the steep slopes,
  • the placement of two directional signs made of aluminum at the intersections of the path,
  • the discreet signage with placement of color and small aluminum signs in appropriate places and at regular intervals along the path,
  • the configuration of the existing deck of the path by removal of fallen logs - stones and branching of the bush vegetation where it was necessary to facilitate the passage.

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