Studies- Management Projects

The main studies and projects implemented for the protection and management of the protected area of Chelmos - Vouraikos National Park are the following:

1. Management Planning of the Protected Area of Chelmos - Vouraikos Management Body.

The general purpose of the Management Planning of Chelmos - Vouraikos National Park is to evermore protect, conserve and manage the nature and the natural landscape as a natural heritage and valuable national natural resource in the land and aquatic zones of the Special Area of Conservation "Mount Chelmos and Styx Waters" (GR2320002 ), "Vouraikos Gorge" (GR2320003) and "Aesthetic Forest of Kalavrita" (GR2320004), as defined in Directive 92/43/ EEC and under the project "Identifying and describing habitat types in areas of interest for the conservation of nature"(Ministry of Environment, Physical Planning and Public Works, 2001) and the project "Guidelines for the implementation of Protected Area Management Plans " (Greek Biotope/Wetland Centre and Ministry of Environment, Physical Planning and Public Works, Kakuro, et all., 2004), distinguished for their great biological, ecological, aesthetic, scientific, geomorphological and educative value.

2. Recording of flora and habitat types of Chelmos - Vouraikos National Park.

The inventory of flora and habitat types within the boundaries of the Chelmos - Vouraikos National Park has resulted in the integrated knowledge of the Protected Area of Chelmos - Vouraikos Management Body and has been the tool for the Scientific staff of the Management Body for the Conservation of Biodiversity through implementation of documented sustainable management methods, an integral tool of which is monitoring. The action plan of the flora and habitat types recording was carried out by the Office for Business Planning in collaboration with the Contractor, which resulted from a contest, which was also undertaken by the Office of Business Planning (Geologist, Forestry, Environmental Co-ordinator, Biologist).

3. Recording water resources of Chelmos - Vouraikos National Park and promotion of the region's geo-diversity.


4. Assignment of nature conservation expert for drafting a Presidential Decree.


5. Special Study of Sustainable Grazing & Grazing capacity of Chelmos-Vouraikos National Park.


6. Integration of the Protected Area into the European Geopark Network (EGN) and the Global Geopark Network (GGN) under UNESCO (2009) and recognition of the site as UNESCO Global Geopark (2015).


7. Design and implementation of new educational programs for the Protected Area and the Geoparks.

The implementation is carried out in close cooperation with the Environmental Education Center of Klitoria -Akrata

8. Vehicle Tracking System of Management Body’s vehicles during guarding.

Continuous on-line monitoring of the guarding of the National Park


9. Creation of the management body website, with constanly updating data.

10. Global recognition for the protected area of the Chelmos-Vouraikos National Park - Certification for sustainable tourism.

On December 7, 2016, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Chelmos-Vouraikos, Dr. Gregorios Iatrou, with the Project Coordinator, Eleni Koumoutsou and the Assistant Mayor of Kalavryta, Mr. Nikolaos Mangafas, received the Sustainable Tourism Award, which marks the integration of Chelmos-Vouraikos National Park and UNESCO Global Geopark in the "European Charter for Sustainable Tourism". The award took place in the European Parliament in Brussels by Ms. Carol Ritchie, Director of the Paneuropean Federation of National Parks and Protected Areas (EUROPARC FEDERATION). Certification for the "European Charter for Sustainable Tourism" has a five-year validity (2016-2020). It is an important tool for the promotion of the entire area that has been designated as National Park and UNESCO Global Geopark, but also for the local community, ensuring that tourism contributes to balanced economic, social and environmental development.