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The management Body of Chelmos – Vouraikos offers presentations and valuable discussion to the visitors of its Information center at Kalavryta. Through the years there have been numerous visits from Universities, schools and collaborating Environmental Centers. During these visits the Management body’s personnel informs the visitors on the Biodiversity of the region, the protected species and habitats, the legislation that applies to the area the actions that the Management Body undertakes for the sustainable development and management of the region and other important environmental matters. Additionally, the personnel of the Management Body organizes and assist the educational and environmental excursions of researchers, students within the area.

Additionally, the Geopark participates in numerous education programs in collaboration with the Environmental Education Center of Kleitoria – Akrata (EEC) which very often visits the Information center of the Management Body in the framework of numerous Environmental projects for students.

Both the management body of Chelmos-Vouraikos and the EEC have implemented new education programs regarding the protected area such as “A fieldtrip to the Protected Area of Chelmos – Vouraikos”.

Finally, the management body since 2013 has extended the educational programs for the kindergarden and the first grades of the primary schools. We have also included a visit to our new geotrail into several educational programs. 

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